Since 2003, Audionamix has established itself as the global leader in audio source separation. Based on years of audio research, the company developed the revolutionary, patented ADX Technology and continues to pioneer audio solutions for the film, broadcast and music industries. Audionamix’s technical expertise in isolating and separating elements from a master recording empowers content owners, engineers, producers, and artists to create new musical arrangements, and unlock television and movie assets for expanded distribution.

In early 2014, Audionamix released ADX TRAX, a specialized audio software that utilizes the company’s ADX technology to allow musicians and audio engineers to easily and quickly isolate melodic elements from instrumental tracks for multiple applications. In late 2014 Audionamix released it’s premier software, ADX TRAX Pro. TRAX Pro includes all of the ground breaking tech from ADX TRAX, and also includes a powerful spectral editor to enable the user to get highly professional results from their isolations. Audionamix also released a plug in for Pro Tools Native in late 2014. ADX Vocal Volume Control allows the user to easily control the volume and pan position of the main melodic element in any mix.

Internationally located in Los Angeles and Paris, Audionamix’s technology and services provide innovative solutions to a wide range of audio challenges.

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