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Today’s studio business is constantly evolving. Audio software has enabled a democratization of music production, along with some great possibilities and also a lot of challenging changes to overcome for professional engineers. Yet for recording, producing, mixing and mastering a single piece of gear still is as important as it has ever been: the monitoring system! Having a transparent and revealing monitor system that translates your work perfectly to the outside world has become more important than ever. It is the centerpiece of the modern studio. As an audio professional you’re always looking for ways to raise the bar of sonic performance. You want a clear, reliable and consistent advantage over your competition. The Kii THREE system is that advantage.

Whether you work in a major facility, independent recording studio, or from your home studio, a good monitoring situation enables you to work faster, easier and achieve better results everyday. It takes the guesswork out of any decision during a production, so you can be safe and bold with your decisions and move through a project quickly, focusing on what´s really important in the studio: the musical ideas, the artistic expression and the interaction with your clients!

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    Kii Audio CONTROL - Desktop Controller for THREE Pro Series Monitors

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    Price: $1,595.00

    Kii Audio THREE Pro - Active 3-Way Mini Main Studio Monitor (Single)

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    Price: $5,747.50