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Bryston 2B LP Pro Compact High Quality Studio Power Amplifier

Mfr #: 2B-LP-PRO


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The Bryston 2B-LP amplifier is a compact, high quality 60 watt per channel, (8ohms), stereo amplifier intended for use in home sound systems requiring a musically accurate, extremely reliable, no compromise power source. While the 2B-LP has for years been thought of as an exceptionally lucid and transparent amplifier for traditional two-channel stereo setups, it is now finding additional acceptance in such installations as multimedia surround-sound systems, and in the most ambitious music systems with multi-amplified speakers using electronic crossovers.

Features include: Completely separate stereo channels, including dual power supplies, to prevent any interaction between left and right signals, for precise soundstaging and image quality. Green/red power/clipping lights to give immediate indication of any overload or fault condition. Rear-mounted ground-lift switching to avoid potential ground loops and system hum. Gold plated five-way binding posts and gold plated RCA connectors to prevent any possibility of long term corrosion or connector distortion. Finally, higher power monaural operation is as easy as the flick of a rear-mounted stereo/mono switch.

Bryston exclusively uses only the finest components in our designs, such as 1% metal-film resistors, polystyrene capacitors and hand-matched transistors to reduce noise and distortion to the absolute minimum. All signal circuitry is fully discrete to avoid the compromises, phase shift and nonlinearities inherent in IC's. Bryston applies techniques and employs custom materials in our everyday construction of electronic equipment which are more typically found in military and aerospace industries.