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Community ENT-PT Entasys Combination Pan-Tilt Bracket Kit for Column Line Array System - Black

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The ENTASYS Pan-Tilt Bracket is used to provide both horizontal axis rotation (down-tilt) and vertical axis rotation (panning) when an array is mounted to a wall. The Pan-Tilt Bracket consists of two primary parts: the Top Assembly and the Bottom Piece. The Top Assembly consists of multiple parts, configured and assembled to provide the desired down-tilt angle for an array of up to five columns. Once the Pan-Tilt Bracket Assembly has been assembled, it is mounted to a wall and the ENTASYS system(s) are then attached to it. The Pan-Tilt bracket can be used with a one, two, or three column array to provide a down-tilt angle of up to 10 degrees. With a four or five column array the maximum down-tilt angle is 5 degrees.

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