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Mogami Gold Series Balanced Patch Cable (TRS to XLRM, 10 Foot)



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A popular balanced patch cable with gold-pin/black body ¼” TRS and male XLR connectors.

Made with Mogami Neglex Quad cable and gold connectors, Mogami studio accessory cables are the finest you can buy for neutral tone and noise rejection. These cables use ¼” balanced plugs and are also extremely popular for powered speakers.

A good quad cable is critical in any environment with high levels of RF and EM noise, especially in today's wireless world. Quad cables use double conductors and are far more effective (15 dB more effective) than standard balanced cables in canceling noise that can creep past even the best shield.

Specifications for some AES cables, especially for capacitance, can look very attractive for analog transmission. However, the materials and design of many AES cables don't perform well in high performance analog transmission. Mogami Gold AES cable is designed with the same type of shielding and conductors as our world renowned analog cables, in a special low capacitance version that fully meets the stringent AES requirements. Gold AES will perform exceptionally for the most demanding high end analog recording and monitoring where transparency, detail and frequency extension are critical.