Mfr #: UA845-SWB

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Shure UA845-SWB Wideband UHF Antenna Distribution System - 470-952 MHz

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The Shure Model UA845SWB is an amplified, UHF Antenna Distribution System that expands a wireless microphone system by splitting one pair of antennas to multiple Shure UR4 or Shure ULX4 wireless receivers. It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insertion loss due to splitting signal power to mulitple output connectors. Each UA845SWB allows up to four receivers to use the same antennas. CASCADE connectors allows connections to a fifth receiver or a second UA845SWB. There are also power connectors for powering Shure UHF Wireless systems.Each system contains the following items. UA845SWB Antenna Distribution System, Rack-mounting hardware, Surface-mounting hardware, Front-mounting antenna hardware, 18-in. Power OUTPUT Cord Power Cord, Antenna cables for receiver connections.


  • Expandability: The UA845SWB UHF Antenna Distribution System is designed for large UHF wireless systems. Each unit allows up to four wireless receivers to use the same two antennas, and the CASCADE ports allow connection to a fifth receiver or a second UA845.
  • Compatibility: The UA845SWB is compatible with all Shure wireless microphone receivers operating within a compatible frequency range (see UHF Carrier Frequency Ranges in the Specifications section).
  • CASCADE Ports: Two 50 ohms, BNC-type antenna CASCADE ports allow an additonal UA84SWB5 unit or a fifth wireless receiver. A large wireless system can be run off of a single pair of antennas.
  • Power OUTPUT and OUT Connectors: Up to five (5) UR4 receivers can be daisy-chained and powered from a single source via the Power OUTPUT connectors.
  • Low Noise and Intermodulation Distortion: The UA845SWB maintains clean signals with minimal distortion.
  • Insertion Loss Compensation: Whenever a signal is split to multiple output ports, there is a loss in signal strength. The UA845SWB amplifies signals to compensate, ensuring a strong signal to the receivers.
  • Front-Mounted Antennas: The UA845SWB comes with hardware to front-mount the antennas, if desired.

The Shure Model UA845 ensures maximum sensitivity and signal processing capability, providing the widest radio range possible for the largest number of wireless receivers. To get the most from this system, follow these guidelines.

  • When using long runs of cable for remote-mounted antennas, use the UA830 In-Line RF Amplifier and the Shure Model UA825 or UA850 Remote Antenna Extension cables (RG-8/X or equivalent), which have low loss at UHF operating frequencies.
  • Locate multiple transmitters more than 3 m [10 ft] from receiving antennas

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