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360 Systems DCEM-3000 Digicart/EX Ethernet Audio Network Recorder/Player

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360 Systems' DigiCart/EX Ethernet Audio recorder continues a twenty-year history as a first-choice for audio spots in television broadcasting. DigiCart/EX is more than an improvement on the original DigiCart® concept - it's a high-performance, Ethernet Audio system for integrated audio.

Networked Audio Without The Computer

No computer and no mouse-just the hands-on efficiency of real buttons for all operations. Ethernet Audio® is the link to Mac® and PC-based audio workstations. Now, audio programs produced on DAWs can be easily played, manually or from automation, with DigiCart/EX. When it's time to actually move an audio file, it's many times faster than real-time. Clear and easy to use, DigiCart/EX is designed from the ground up for broadcast professionals.

DigiCart/EX Works the Same As DigiCart II

Anyone who uses DigiCart II will know how to use DigiCart/EX. It offers better displays, better screen messages, and new networking features-but with the same familiar buttons. It's 100% compatible with earlier DigiCart recorders, plays files produced on them, and uses similar front panel commands.  All earlier DigiCart files can be played- whether Dolby AC-2, 16-bit linear, 44.1 or 48K-so valuable program content and archives can be carried forward. DigiCart/EX can also create new files for use in DigiCart II, letting earlier hardware remain a valid part of a new facility.

24-Bit Quality
Great Audio Quality For Production. 24-Bit Quality DigiCart/EX's 24-bit audio circuit design delivers 112 dB of dynamic range from its analog inputs. Our Bit-for-Bit™ digital design also maintains 24-bit integrity through the AES/EBU ports, assuring error-free reproduction not only of standard PCM files, but also of Dolby® AC-3 or Dolby-E recordings.

Sample Rate Compatibility
Although most users will work at a 48 kHz sample rate, DigiCart/EX is equally adept at 44.1, 88.2 and 96k. A high-quality sample rate converter can be positioned at either the input or the output, permitting conversion of any sample rate to 48K, or any other rate. Now 44.1, 88.2, and 96k music masters can be converted to standard 48K audio for video.

Word-Length Compatibility
DigiCart/EX plays files of almost any word length - 16, 20, or 24-bit. In addition to recording new material at 24-bits, it can also deliver 16-bit digital audio for compatibility with other digital audio products, or earlier DigiCart recorders.

Mixed File Types Allowed
DigiCart/EX is able to store audio in many different formats, and play them consecutively without changing machine setup. Any desired output format, such as 48K-16-bit, can be selected, regardless of how the original file was recorded.


  • Record or Play Directly from SD memory cards
  • Store 10,000 Audio Clips to Hard Disk & SD Cards
  • Share Files between DigiCart® SD’s
  • 24-bit Stereo WAV Files
  • On-Board Trimming & Playlisting
  • Serial Control by Station Automation

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