Ultra VideoPatch

The First Video Patchbay for the New Standard.

As video resolutions climb through 8K, the broadcast industry has demanded signal patching solutions able to handle extremely high frequencies, and Switchcraft’s MVP32K1UHD is an industry first. This innovative new 24GHz Mid-size 2x32 video patchbay leverages Switchcraft’s 70 years of experience to deliver performance never before seen in a video patchbay.


  • 1RU 2 x 32 UHD Video Patchbay
  • Low return loss through 24GHz
  • 75 ohm Characteristic Impedance for Broadcast industry
  • SD/SDI, HD/SDI, UHD/SDI, HDR, 4K and 8K compliant
  • Pre-configured with alternating short and long rear panel single video jacks
  • Rear panel cable support bar
  • Meets and exceeds SMTPE ST 2081-1 and ST 2082-1 standards
  • All-metal construction in anodized bright blue pewter
  • Two label strips for insert designation
  • Life Cycle: 30,000
  • Non-normalled and Non- terminated. Use with looping and single or dual terminating plugs

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    Switchcraft MVP32K1UHD Ultra VideoPatch 2x32 24GHz Video Patchbay

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