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Get Right with the Law.....Save $250.

Did you know that 2012 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations require public assembly areas to maintain a suitable assistive listening system? Our valued partners at Williams Sound have come up with a solution that will get your venue in ADA compliance while going easy on your wallet. This affordable FM listening system helps venues comply with assistive listening requirements for 2012 ADA regulations for public assembly areas.This turnkey system features selectable channel receivers,1000ft range and a limited lifetime plus warranty.

The Williams Sound FM ADA Kit 1 provides everything you need to accommodate individuals for hearing accessibility in large venues such as auditoriums, theaters, conferences and houses of worship. The PPA T27 transmitter broadcasts a speakers voice, music program or audio source wirelessly up to 1000 feet to a listening audience.

This is a minimum compliance system that's ideal for smaller venues of up to 50 seats (larger ones may need additional receivers).
Want to see if this kit is suitable for you? Williams Sound has a handy ADA calculator app right on their website.

What you get:

(1) PPA T27 transmitter
(2) PPA R37 receivers
(2) BAT 001-2 AA alkaline batteries
(2) EAR 013 single mini earbuds
(2) NKL 001 neckloops
(1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque
(1) ANT 021 Antenna
(1) TFP 036 Power Supply

Remember, assistive listening systems are as of 2012 a requirement of all public assembly areas so get yourself in compliance today!

This offer is good until June 30th, 2017 - regular price is $749.

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