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JBL M2 System

M2 LogoDale Pro Audio has long been at the forefront of JBL studio monitors, with our Sales Professionals having sold and installed numerous LSR Series speakers into studios, post production facilities, broadcast studios and location trucks, schools, and beyond. Now, JBL offers engineers who need of nothing short of the absolute best in critical sound a solution that can be considered "bar-raising". The all new M2 system is now set up for demonstration at Dale Pro Audio's location here in the heart of NYC's Flatiron District!

These speakers can be auditioned via either your CD or portable device, or you can listen to high-resolution audio out of our Pro Tools/Apogee Symphony system. The room offers you a private, sonically isolated setting for critical listening, and we recommend making an appointment in advance.

Dale M2 Demo Room


















Addressing the growing need for high dynamic range and reference-monitor accuracy in a broad range of studios, JBL has developed the M2 Master Reference Monitor: A free-standing, 2-way system that can be placed in any environment to provide an exceptionally accurate monitoring experience. Leveraging a new generation of JBL high-output, ultra-low distortion transducers, the M2 provides in-room frequency response of 20 Hz to 40 kHz, and an extraordinary 123 dB maximum SPL to meet the demanding music, cinema and broadcast production requirements for impactful dynamic range.


Questions about the JBL M2 System or would you like to schedule a demonstration at our location?
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JBL M2 System - includes (2) M2 Master Reference Monitors + (2) Crown iTech 5000 Power Amplifiers

JBL M2 System - includes (2) M2 Master Reference Monitors + (2) Crown iTech 5000 Power Amplifiers


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