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Dale Pro Audio’s professional staff is available to assist with the design of your system. We provide assistance to designers, installers, and end users to provide user friendly, state of the art solutions for virtually any pro audio application. Our staff of Sales Professionals are more than just "sales people" - they're trained professionals with countless man-years of real-world experience in the audio industry. In fact, many of our Sales Professionals have specialized experience and expertise in fields such as broadcast, live sound, installation audio, sound for worship, field recording, music production, and more.

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Live Sound and Installed Audio

Contractor Audio
Do you need to choose ceiling speakers for your commercial space? Are you thinking of adding a line array to your concert hall? Is your worship congregation upgrading its sound system? Are you hitting the road with a band for the festival season? Are you hosting a conference in your hotel? Wherever quality sound matters in the world, we have the answer for you.


Dale's Contractor staff have performed numerous consults and installs of all types, including (but not limited to):

  • Live Performance Venues
  • Educational Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Bars/Nightclubs
  • House of Worship
  • Fitness and Health Centers
  • Office/Corporate/Meeting Sound
  • Hotels and Convention Centers
  • Touring Sound
  • ...and many more!


Recording and Post Production Facilities

Recording AudioWhether you are making hit records, mixing feature films, mastering, or creating voiceover / multimedia content, Dale's Recording Sales Professionals will have a solution for you. Our experience in outfitting studios for all kinds of media creation is unparalleled, including some of the business's top talent on the industry-standard Avid Pro Tools platform. In addition, we pride ourselves in getting our hands on the latest gear to understand how it will better serve you, and maintain multiple demo rooms in our NYC locations for you to do the same.

We can help with projects such as:

  • Music Recording/Production
  • Audio/Video Post Facilities
  • Field/Location Recording
  • Mastering Facilities
  • Voice-Over/Multimedia Content Creation
  • Digital Archiving
  • Educational Recording Studios/Labs


Broadcast and Field Audio

Broadcast Audio
When you're on the air, poor audio quality isn't an option, so buy with confidence knowing that Dale Pro Audio is a leader in the Broadcast field. Our Broadcast Sales Professionals have years of real-world experience consulting with TV networks, radio stations, and ENG agencies, and we know what works. We can provide you with some of the most competitive pricing and expert advice you'll ever find, with a focus on lasting support and relationship for the future.


We can assist you with broadcast audio facilities such as:

  • TV Stations/Networks
  • Radio Stations
  • Internet Radio/Podcasts
  • Talk Shows and ISDN Audio
  • Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
  • TV/Film Location Sound
  • Professional Intercom/IFB


Auralex Acoustics For many types of projects, Dale partners with Auralex Acoustics to provide acoustic treatment solutions for your space. They have helped to sonically tailor spaces such as recording studios, control rooms, post production facilities, educational, corporate, live sound venue, and houses of worship. Auralex's reliable, cost-effective treatment products get the job done, are compliant with just about any safety laws in your area, and maintain your budget.

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