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January 2013 Newsletter | MBHO, Rupert Neve, Ableton, Apollo, Avantone, and more!

Exclusive Interview with Herbert Haun of MBHO Microphones


Dale Pro Audio is proud to be the USA's exclusive retailer and distributor for MBHO microphones. Dale Pro Audio Sales Professional Dan Ross recently interviewed MBHO founder Herbert Haun about his impressive career background, as well as the fascinating history and mission of the company. Read all about it here.

MBHO Founder Herbert Haun2013 marks the 20-year anniversary of MBHO, "Mikrofonbau Haun Obrigheim". Herbert Haun and Manfred Schneider founded the company in 1992 in Herbert's home in Obrigheim, Germany. MBHO features a unique staffing strategy, as it employs mainly 50+ year veterans of the German microphone industry that Herbert Haun met and worked alongside since his start in the industry in 1958 at Beyerdynamic.

Despite its comparably small size of 14 employees, MBHO not only manufacturers an extensive line of hand crafted microphones but also produces almost 90% of all microphone parts in-house. From the injection molded microphone clips to the gold sputtering of large diaphragm capsules, almost all parts are made and developed in house, resulting in the only microphones in the world that carry a "lifelong warranty".

For more information on MBHO, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

New 500 Series Modules from Rupert Neve Designs

RND Logo
Rupert Neve Designs has just announced two new 500 series modules as the latest additions to their Portico line of gear and they are coming soon to Dale Pro Audio!

RND 511

With a truly legendary transformer-balanced preamp and the flexibility of variable Silk / Texture, the 511 ($545) was designed by Rupert Neve to provide classic sonic performance with 500-series value. Incorporating the pristine preamp circuitry from the 517, the universally useful sweepable high pass filter from the 5012, and the sweetness of the variable Silk circuit derived from the flagship Portico II Channel, the 511 is a workhorse for your most important tracks.


RND 542The Portico 542’s ($745) True Tape emulation circuit provides the nostalgic rounding and compression usually only achieved by the use of tape, and can offset the harshness often found in digital recordings. Unlike digital emulations, the True Tape drive circuit works by feeding a tiny magnetic record head, which in turn is coupled to a correctly equalized, replay amplifier. As the voltage rises on the record head, saturation increases, and a soft clip circuit engages at higher levels to round off peak transients. The sound of the tape circuit can be further modified with selectable 15 / 30 IPS modes and a pre/post-tape blend control. In addition to the tape circuit, the 542 also has the variable Silk & Texture circuitry found in the Portico II series of modules, which allows the engineer to fine-tune the harmonic ratio and tonality on the output transformer.

For more information on Rupert Neve Designs products, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Ableton Live 9 and Push

Ableton Logo
Ableton's Live has become one of the world's most innovative and widely used DAW programs, thanks to a radical set of features as well as its unique intuitive user interface. It's become a choice for DJ's, remixers, composers, performers, sound designers, and now with Version 9 it's better than ever. Live Version 9 will be shipping very soon and is available in three versions: Live Standard ($399), Suite ($799), or Intro ($99).

Ableton PushWith hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure, Push ($599) puts the fundamental elements of music making at your fingertips... and fits in a backpack alongside your laptop. 64 pads give you multiple ways to make beats. Play, step sequence, and navigate your loop - all at the same time. Capture all of your musical ideas. Duplicate and create variations. Trigger, re-arrange, and create new combinations. Capture everything you play with Push’s unique recording workflow.

For more information on Ableton products, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

FREE UAD Plug-Ins when you buy Apollo!



If you've been thinking about upgrading your studio with Universal Audio's acclaimed new Apollo recording hardware and UAD software: NOW IS THE TIME! From January 1st - March 31st 2013, purchase any new Apollo Audio Interface with Realtime UAD Processing, and you'll receive several best-selling UAD Powered Plug-Ins.

There are two separate offers: Purchase an Apollo QUAD Audio Interface - receive the Studer A800 Tape Recorder, Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb, and Neve 88RS Channel Strip plug-ins FREE - a $997 value! Purchase an Apollo DUO Audio Interface - receive the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb and Neve 88RS Channel Strip plug-ins FREE - a $648 value!

For more information on Apollo, please contact one of our Sales Professionals at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Avantone BV-12 Tube Microphone

Avantone LogoThe BV-12 ($899) is a newly released tube microphone from Avantone Pro, offering 9 total polar patterns between cardioid, omni-directional and bi-directional, switchable on the front of the external power supply.

It has been designed to offer high-end tube performance at a fraction of the cost of comparable models. After Dale Pro Audio received one of the first models to ship from Avantone, our Sales Professional Eric Eldredge took it home for a vocal tracking session.

BV-12"What I noticed right away about the BV-12 was how well it handled nearly all levels of volume and dynamics. Whisper-quiet passages were captured with detail I've only noticed in models costing much more, yet "getting loud and aggressive" never caused any break-up artifacts. Even when I purposely tried to over-do it, the mic yielded a somewhat smooth, musical reply. I had it hooked up to my trusty old MindPrint En-Voice, which tends to be a clean, uncolored solid state pre amp. However, I must say, I barely needed even a third of its gain because the BV-12's output is pretty hot!"

At left is the BV-12 set up in the studio during Eric's evaluation.


The BV-12 ships in a cool retro tweed case and includes PSU, shockmount, 7-pin XLR power/audio cable, high-quality XLR cable, and wooden mic box.
If you're in the New York area you can check out the BV-12 for yourself in our Mic Demo Room right here in the heart of NYC's Flatiron District!

For more information on Avantone Pro, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Focusrite Scarlett Studio Package

Focusrite Logo

Ever committed to making recording easier while providing the utmost in sound quality, Focusrite now offers an all new bundle geared towards musicians and budget-conscious home and project studios.

Focusrite Scarlett StudioThe Scarlett Studio ($249) is a complete recording package that includes a Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface along with the CM-25 condenser microphone, HP60 closed-back headphones, and a high quality low-noise XLR cable.

The included Cubase 6 LE software provides everything you need to create that great recording right in your home, and right out of the box! Cubase 6 LE includes audio recording plus MIDI song creation with virtual instruments and effects you need to get it all done.

For more information on Focusrite, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

DPA Microphones d:vote Instrument Microphones

DPA Logo DPA Microphones recently released their d:vote 4099 series of instrument microphones, which offer instrument-specific solutions for recording and/or sound reinforcement.

d:voted:vote 4099 is a unique series of instrument microphones inheriting the sonic approach from DPA's legendary studio microphones. The 4099 microphones and mounting systems are meticulously designed and optimized for various orchestral and acoustic instruments. This ensures that the best possible mount and audio reinforcement is achieved when performing live.

Representing years of research and development, the 4099 condenser microphones feature supercardioid polar patterns for superior gain-before-feedback. Fully capable of handling the double bass’s dynamic range and subtle details, these microphones live up to their pedigree with sound as accurate as DPA’s other world-class microphones.

d:voteThe 4099s can be used as a standard 48V phantom powered microphone via the included XLR connector. d:vote 4099 is also compatible with virtually any wireless system when combined with the appropriate MicroDot adapter.

With its flexible design for a wide variety of mounting and positioning applications along with its extremely natural sound, the 4099 is truly a musician’s mic without equal. Continuing DPA’s heritage of sonic excellence, d:vote 4099 achieves the purest reproduction of your instrument and your full range of expression.

For more information on DPA Microphones, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Price Drop on Event 20/20 BAS Speakers!

Event Logo

When engineers need a set of good, accurate, yet affordable studio monitors, for over 15 years they've turned to the Event 20/20 BAS. The latest in the line is the redesigned 3rd generation 20/20 BAS, now at a lower price of $349.50 per speaker!

20/20BASThis two-way front ported speaker incorporates a number of fundamental improvements over the original model while remaining true to its tonal character and performance strengths. Event's engineering team implemented ideas and technologies from its flagship Opal speaker in order to achieve performance in keeping with the company design philosophy of high output, low distortion and excellent dynamics.

For more information on Event, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Sennheiser is Gaining Momentum!

Sennheiser Logo Sennheiser has just released a new, stylish set of headphones called the MOMENTUM, featuring crisp, audiophile ready sound and iOS Smart Remote capability for only $349.

MomentumThe MOMENTUM is a closed, around-the-ear headphone specially designed for modern sound lovers who prefer a luxurious and sophisticated appearance and rich, detailed stereo sound. The headphone boasts soft breathable leather ear cushions and a steel ear cup slider for maximum durability and a custom fit. Completing the package are interchangeable cables - one with an integrated smart remote with in-line microphone, and the other a standard connection cable for excellent connectivity and ease of use.

It also includes a reinforced travel case for keeping them safe on the road. The MOMENTUM is available in dark brown and black.

For more information on Sennheiser, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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