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January 31st 2013 Newsletter | Behringer, Fiberplex, VUE, Wohler, Ward-Beck, SD PIX 260i

BEHRINGER x32 Digital Console!

Behringer LogoLong synonymous with pro audio gear at affordable prices, BEHRINGER recently offered the X32 digital console that takes advantage of its new partnership with Midas and Klark Teknik.

X32The X32 ($2999) provides more inputs, outputs, routing, and control than any other model in its class. It provides 40 inputs (complete with Midas-made preamps) as well as 25 total busses. You can control the mixer via iOS devices, or through its incredibly intuitive user interface. Internal 40-bit floating point DSP provides incredibly pristine sound no matter what the application.

X32 seamlessly integrates with DAW programs by providing 32x32 multitrack audio I/O to a computer via USB 2.0 or Firewire, and is 48-channel digital snake ready (thanks to Klark Teknik's designs). X32 also has BEHRINGER's ULTRANET monitoring system connectivity for stage use. Motorized faders give you complete control and instant feedback on levels. The onboard DSP FX offer all the necessary effects you need, and emulate some of the industry standards. It also features a high-visibility TFT screen, and nearly unlimited scene storage so all your settings can be recalled in an instant.

For more information on the X32, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

FiberPlex and Lightviper Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions

Fiberplex LogoDale Pro Audio is proud to carry the line of FiberPlex and LightViper by FiberPlex products. Fiberplex has been a leader in fiber optic connectivity solutions since 1987, and introduced the LightViper line in 2004. Their products can be found in many different corporate, commercial, theater, worship, performance venue, and military applications.

FiberplexFiberPlex products can interface with a multitude of different formats, whether Ethernet, broadcast protocols such as ISDN or POTS, and different data formats for networking purposes (T1, T3, etc).


LightViper series solutions utilize Neutrik OpticalCon cables to carry digital audio signals over great lengths, and offer a variety of stage boxes and hubs/routers, as well as native compatibility to Yamaha MY equipped digital consoles, making them ideal for venue installation.

For more information on FiberPlex, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

VUE Audiotechnik Speakers - Now at Dale Pro Audio!

Vue audiotechnik logoVUE Audiotechnik is a superb line of speaker cabinets for installation and live sound use, and is a new addition to Dale's catalog.

VUE A Series

VUE's engineering team brings together the minds behind some of the best audio products ever, having been leading designers and engineers at Apogee Sound, EAW, QSC, and Yamaha. VUE Audiotechnik’s founders have been making waves in professional audio for nearly four decades.

VUE ArrayNow they’ve united their experience, energy and creative visions behind VUE.. Steeped in history but focused on the 21st century, VUE Audiotechnik is ready to leapfrog current performance benchmarks with road-tested designs, innovative technologies and a nimble manufacturing infrastructure. Forget everything you think you know about professional loudspeakers.

In their designs, VUE engineers are improving everything from response linearity to coverage and output. And to ensure that each VUE Audiotechnik system delivers optimal performance throughout the show and under the most taxing conditions, they are integrating true, large-signal testing into the design process.

VUE Audiotechnik is absolutely committed to improving every aspect of loudspeaker design, and are not afraid to think “outside the box” to achieve a better result.

For more information on VUE Audiotechnik, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Wohler AMP1-MADIe and AMP1-16M Monitoring Solutions

Wohler Logo
Wohler's extensive range of audio and video monitoring products allow broadcasters and post-production professionals to monitor signals from a convenient and compact rack-mount system. A comprehensive range of products provides solutions for most applications and budgets. From basic analog to complex multi-channel encoded digital sources, Wohler products offer a monitoring solution for most space-critical applications.

MADI16eWohler's new AMP1-MADIe, was specifically designed for fast-paced remote truck and live-to-air production environments. The AMP1-MADIe provides simultaneous clear metering and monitoring with instant access to eight stored configurations of any user-defined channel groups (8 each) for easy navigation between all 64 channels in a MADI stream. An added benefit of the AMP1-MADIe is its ability to convert between optical and BNC I/O connections. It’s the perfect solution for any application that requires a simple, compact system for monitoring MADI-delivered audio.

MADI16mWohler's newest audio monitor offers fast, intuitive operation for monitoring SDI audio in the most demanding production applications. Whether in the studio or on the road, the AMP1-16M provides instantaneous selection and summing of any grouping of SDI audio pairs. It features adjustable volume and balance controls, clear display of levels, and phase indications on bright 2.4" LED-backlit LCD displays, with configurations that can be created, saved and recalled via Ethernet connection using an intuitive PC interface.

For more information on Wohler, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

New Products from Ward-Beck and Special Pricing on IMP-1

Ward Beck Logo
Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. supplies high quality broadcast equipment to television and radio broadcasters worldwide for fixed and mobile installations. Ward-Beck equipment has been used for Olympics broadcasting, federal and provincial elections, and USA political conventions and elections. Recently, one of their digital card based products was selected to aid in underwater oil and gas exploration.

32meWard-Beck is excited to announce their newest metering solution, the 32ME which comes in 3 versions, 32ME-AES, 32ME-MADI, and 32ME-SDI. This is a high density audio meter with 32 meters in a single rack space. In the AES format, it will monitor 32 channels of AES audio and pass the 32 channels out through output connections. In the MADI format, it will take either coax or fiber input and decode up to 64 channels of audio. There are 2 group of audio for meter, channels 1 – 32 and 33 – 64. With a simple push of a button, you can monitor either group. The SDI version will decode and monitor the various audio tracked embedded in a SDI video stream. In addition to visually monitoring the signals, you can select any audio pair and listen to it on the headphone or analog audio outputs using a rotary knob.

Ward-Beck IMP-1 SaleWard-Beck is also running a special limited time 50% price reduction on their best selling IMP-1 products. The IMP-1M and IMP-1F are now available for $37.50 each! These impedance converters allow 75 Ohm coaxial transmission of AES/EBU digital audio signals.The conversion transformer changes a balanced 110 Ohm signal to an unbalanced 75 Ohm signal on a BNC type connector.

For more information on Ward-Beck, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Sound Devices PIX 260i Video Recorder Shipping Soon!

Sound Devices LogoThe PIX 260i Production Video Recorder from Sound Devices ($5625) is based on their successful PIX 240 Production Recorder. It seamlessly replaces tape-based video decks in production and post production environments. PIX 260i uses Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD codecs, and records and plays files up to 220 Mbps in high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2: video as well as 32 tracks of 48 kHz audio. Files from the PIX 260i are ready for direct import into Avid and Final Cut editing environments, eliminating time-consuming transferring and transcoding.

PIX 260i has extensive audio connectivity, with up to 32 track record/playback capability.Sound Devices PIX 260i PIX 260i accepts eight channels of line-level analog I/O, eight channels of AES digital, 16 channels of embedded SDI, 8 channels of HDMI, and 32 tracks of audio over Ethernet using Audionate's Dante.

Sound Devices is about to begin shipping PIX 260i in February 2013 but availability is very limited. Contact your Dale sales professional right away to get your order in place .

For more information on Sound Devices products, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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