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April 7th 2014 Newsletter | Grace, SPL, Antelope, JBL, Rode, Ampridge, UA, A-T

Grace Design m920 Audiophile Converter/Headphone Amp

Grace Design Logo
Grace Design is proud to introduce a truly stunning product:, the m920 High Resolution Monitoring System. The m920 is a direct result of feedback received over the last couple of years from pro and hi-fi customers seeking high resolution audio features. What they have created is nothing short of extraordinary.

m920Designed for discerning audio professionals in the music recording, audio post-production and broadcast markets, the m920 ($2,180) provides unrivaled audio performance, coupled with a comprehensive and intuitive feature set. The heart of the m920 is the latest generation M series Sabre DAC. The Sabre is a 32-bit converter that takes DAC performance to an entirely new level. 24-bit, 192 kHz inputs are provided on AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK, and asynchronous USB. The m920 includes DSD-64 and DSD-128 functionality via USB, DSD-64 through the AES3 or S/PDIF inputs, and 352.8 kHz and 384 kHz PCM (DXD) playback over USB.

For more information on the m920, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Now In Stock - SPL Crimson Audio Interface / Monitor Controller

SPL LogoSPL has been developing and manufacturing analog and digital audio processors since 1984. Their products are well-known and respected worldwide for their innovative approach, user friendliness, and outstanding performance.

CrimsonSPL Crimson ($692) combines a USB interface with high-quality preamps and a separate, fully-featured monitor controller. You can play and play back, record and convert, control and listen with one single device. So all you essentially need for a truly professional recording setup is the Crimson and a DAW.

Crimson is designed to operate with your Digital Audio Workstation, but you can also do a lot with it as a stand-alone device: plug in an instrument and play. Connect a microphone and sing along. Mix your own monitor signal with playback or guide tracks from any source – including your smartphone.

For more information on SPL, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Antelope Audio Zen Studio Portable Audio Interface

Antelope LogoAntelope Audio's Zen Studio is a professional, compact all-in-one audio interface that smashes the mobile connectivity barrier. Zen Studio features 20 analog inputs, 12 mic preamps, DSP effects, along with 38 simultaneous input and 32 output channels.
Zen Studio
Zen Studio is designed to meet the needs of the modern day producer or engineer on-the-go, as well as location sound engineers, sound designers, independent bands and musicians in search of greater sound quality and flexibility. HiZ instrument and line inputs, zero latency, flexible routing and mixing capability are all included along with Antelope's signature clocking.

For more information on Antelope, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

JBL LSR310S Studio Subwoofer Now Shipping!

JBL LogoJBL's 3 Series brings professional studio reference monitoring to customers at a remarkably affordable price. With a distinctive appearance, rugged build, professional performance, and affordable price points, the new 3 Series satisfies music, post and broadcast production customers.

LSR310SThe perfect add-on to JBL 3 Series Studio Monitors, the LSR310S ($399) incorporates JBL's patented Slip Stream Port, working in concert with a custom 10" down-firing driver and a 200 watt Class D amplifier to extend system response into the 20 Hz range. Designed to integrate into a broad range of applications, LSR310S features balanced stereo XLR and 1/4" inputs, stereo XLR outputs and an input sensitivity switch.

The LSR310S is now shipping so place your order today!

For more information on JBL, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

RODE's New SC6 Lets You Get More From Your smartLav!

RODE LogoIntroduced last year, RODE's smartLav revolutionized iOS recording of interviews, presentiations, lectures, and other needs with a simple plug and play lavalier. Now, based on customer feedback they have introduced this handy companion to make it even more powerful and flexible!

Sc6The SC6 ($19) is an input/output breakout box for smartphones and tablets. With two TRRS inputs and one stereo headphone output, the unit connects to any TRRS device and allows the use of one or two smartLav microphones as well as headphones for monitoring and playback. With the SC6 users can monitor audio from the smartLav, as well as input two smartLavs into the one mono channel in interview or dual-dialogue scenarios.

For more information on RODE products, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Ampridge MightyMic S Lets You Get Great Sound On The Go

Ampridge Logo
If conventional field recording with a shotgun-style microphone is more of your application than lavaliers, and you're still in the market for an iOS based solution, then take a look at the all-new Ampridge MightyMic S.

MightyMic S
The MightyMic S microphone ($69) brings big sound from a small microphone. It is a high quality condenser microphone that does not need any batteries as it is powered by the device. The means you never get stuck doing that big video shoot only to find out the batteries are dead. Just plug it into the headphone jack of your device, then connect your headphones into the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on the back of the microphone. While using the optional MoviePro app you can listen to the sound while recording video and adjust the volume. For audio recording just open the GarageBand app and select the microphone input. It works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and other devices.

For more information on Ampridge, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Get a UAD-2 Octo Through June 30 and Get $750 In Free Plug-Ins!

UA LogoGet a $750 UAD Powered Plug-In coupon when you buy a new UAD-2 OCTO DSP Accelerator Card! Now through June 30th, purchase and register any new UAD-2 OCTO PCIe Card (Core, Custom, or Ultimate 2) and get a $750 UAD plug-in coupon!

Not only does the powerful UAD-2 OCTO DSP Accelerator ($1499) giApollo Promove you access to the full library of award-winning UAD plug-ins, it supercharges your Mac or PC with a powerful processing “boost” that you won’t be able to mix without. Use the $750 UAD plug-in coupon to grab any UAD plug-ins you like, including the best-selling Ampex ATR-102 Tape Recorder, Manley Massive Passive EQ, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Ocean Way Studios Plug-In or the brand-new UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection. The choice is yours.

For more information on Universal Audio, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Now In Stock - The All New ATH-M50x Headphones!

Audio-Technica LogoMeet the new M-Series professional monitor headphones,delivering accurate audio and outstanding comfort. With a model perfectly suited for every discerning listener, M-Series headphones get the job done. Hour after hour, year after year.

Now, these professional monitor headphones feature the same coveted sonic signature, with the added feature of detachable cables

As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series line, the ATH-M50 is praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year. Now, the ATH-M50x ($169) professional monitor headphones feature the same coveted sonic signature, with the added feature of detachable cables. From the large aperture drivers, sound isolating earcups and robust construction, the M50x provides an unmatched experience for the most critical audio professionals.

For more information on Audio-Technica, contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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