May 17th 2013 Newsletter | ENCO, Ansr Audio, Q5x, Denon, AVIOM, Cloud

ENCO Systems Solutions for Broadcast and Beyond

ENCO Systems is the manufacturer of DAD, DADtv and enCaption. ENCO provides world class radio automation, audio for video, and automated captioning solutions to the broadcast and A/V industry. ENCO has been in business for over 30 years delivering quality solutions to markets on six continents.


No two DAD installations are alike. In fact, many sites use DAD in completely different ways in different studios. That’s just one of the major benefits of using DAD; it’s incredibly flexible to meet your needs. One of our sales professionals can help configure your DAD solution!

To reach one of our sales team and for more information on ENCO Systems, please contact us at or call 888.462.7828.

Ansr Audio - Truly Professional Wireless for Fitness!

Ansr Audio LogoDale Pro Audio has served the Fitness industry for many years - our Contractor Sales Professionals have helped provide audio solutions for countless gyms, aerobics centers, yoga/pilates studios, and more. Dale is proud to carry Ansr Audio, a leading designer of speciality wireless systems.

EvoTired of low-quality fitness systems that break down regulalry or don't provide true audiophile quality? The evo ($649) is the wireless you've been waiting for. Recharging, water resistant, sixteen channels and a patented revolutionary new design that completely eliminates the bodypack transmitter! The evo combines the small transmitter with the headset - placing the electronics comfortably behind the ear, not hanging off the back of the headband.

For more information on Ansr Audio, please contact us at or call 888.462.7828.

Q5x Solutions for Demanding and Unique Live Audio Applications

Q5x LogoIn a short amount of time, Q5X has revolutionized audio capture in pro sports and become a leader in wireless sports audio, with installations in dozens of major sporting arenas, and systems in use by almost all major TV networks. These advancements have translated exceptionally well into other fields, with a mature, unrivalled solution for live theatre, reality shows, film and television series, public speaking and other live events..

PlayerMicThe QT-1000 PlayerMic® ($2295) is a rubberized, flexible, water and sweat resistant body pack. Originally designed for NBA players to wear in their jerseys during games. It will not injure the wearer even if they fall on it, or take a direct hit. It can be comfortably worn or hidden almost anywhere. It’s the most comfortable audio transmitter in the industry.TapShoeMic

The TapShoeMic™ is the world’s smallest professional broadcast quality wireless microphone transmitter. This proprietary patent pending micro transmitter technology is extremely small and lightweight, and is worn under the arch or in the heel of a tap shoe. The TapShoeMic™ is being successfully used by the Rockettes for their Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The remote controlled TapShoeMic™ transmitter has companding, pre-emphasis and provides high quality professional audio.

For more information on Q5x, please contact us at or call 888.462.7828.

Denon's DN-C640 Networked CD Player

Denon LogoThe DN-C640 ($579) from Denon Professional is, at its heart, a full featured, rack-mounted network CD player. With a combination of flexible file formats, network control, and comprehensive inputs and outputs, this machine takes the “CD player” concept to new heights.Denon has developed a playback solution that will benefit a variety of installations, be it broadcast, worship, corporate A/V, commercial, restaurants/clubs, the list goes on!

Denon DN-C640Not only can the DN-C640 decode a host of compressed and uncompressed digital audio files from CD or DVD data discs, but it now gives the end-user the unique ability to stream any of those files from a server or computer, as long as it is accessible via a network. Any application from background music, to meeting recording playback, to small radio stations not utilizing some sort of enterprise software to manage their station will benefit greatly from this unique feature.

Dale is offering the DN-C640 at an unbelievably low price of $579, but don't wait long as supplies are limited!

For more information on Denon products, please contact us at or call 888.462.7828.

AVIOM - A Leader in Personal Monitoring Installations and Networked Audio

Aviom LogoBest known for changing the face of monitor mixing with its Pro16® Monitor Mixing System, Aviom offers a full line of audio networking products, powered by A-Net®, Aviom's innovative high speed digital audio transport technology. With its second generation of A-Net products, the Pro64® Series, Aviom has simplified system design while enhancing control, flexibility, and performance.

The all-new A360 Personal Mixer ($799) brings new levels of control and customization to personal mixing and is the perfect solution for controlling musicians’ monitors on stage or in the studio. It includes an advanced 36-channel mix engine which can be used to mix up to 16 mono or stereo standard channels plus mono or stereo ambience and the unique Dual Profile Channel™. Channels can be individually selected for each A360 from a network pool of up to 64 channels.

Digital SnakesAviom has now looked beyond being the "Personal Monitor People" with their new Pro64 A-Net protocol, offering a series of new multichannel digital snake systems and components that can effortlessly transport digital audio signals over standard Ethernet cables, greatly reducing costs and logistics for many types of installed sound applications. Prices start at just over $6000 for pre configured systems, or let one of Dale's Contractor Sales Professionals help suit your requirements.

For more information on Aviom, please contact one of our Sales Professionals at or call 888.462.7828.

Cloud Electronics - Solutions for Contractors and Integrators

Cloud LogoFor over three decades Cloud Electronics has offered high quality commercial audio solutions. Their equipment is found in over 100,000 commercial venues around the world, everywhere from ocean liners to houses of worship, from five-star hotels to Michelin-starred restaurants.

CloudBased in Sheffield, England, Cloud products were heavily used during the 2012 London Olympics and are also in use at the British Music Experience at the O2 Bubble. A mainstay of installed audo markets in mainland Europe, Cloud has recently opened up a USA office to now offer the company's quality and reliability to the industry on this side of "the pond".

For more information on Cloud, please contact us at or call 888.462.7828.