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InfoComm 2011 Highlights

InfoComm 11 HighlightsDale’s ownDale's own Darryl Terry Darryl Terry left New York City behind last month, and ventured off to the distant land of Florida, in order to learn about the newest commercial audio products coming to market. Thousands of professionals flocked to the Orange County Convention Center to experience InfoComm 2011, totaling over 33,000, making it the second largest commercial AV show ever held.

Terry (pictured at right) braved the oppressive heat and bad food and checked out many interesting products. Here’s a sampling of Terry's highlights:

Midas VeniceF-32Midas VeniceF Series Compact Live Audio Consoles

Midas’ new offering to the market is a compact live audio console with FireWire connectivity. This new series, dubbed the VeniceF, combines all the elements that have made the Venice series a success in the past, plus an integrated 64 channel (32-in/32-out) FireWire interface. While intended to be used as a live console, the VeniceF series consoles are perfectly suited for studio recording, combining the quality that Midas is known for, with the ease-of-use of a FireWire audio interface.

For more information on the Midas VeniceF Series Compact Live Audio Consoles contact Terry at terry@daleproaudio.co or call 888.462.7828.

Rane CP66 Commercial ProcessorRane CP66 Commercial Processor

’s newest zone controller, the CP66 Commercial Processor brings ease-of-use to the next level! It offers 6 inputs and 6 outputs of GUI-customizable zone control. It's able to be controlled from each zone with easy-to-read and easy-to-use digital controls (Rane DR1 and DR3 Remote Controls, sold separately). The CP66 makes it easy to control music selection in any zone! Be it a bar, restaurant, retail store, or even a stadium, the CP66 is perfect for the job.

For more information on the Rane CP66 Commercial Processor contact Kevin Brubaker at kbrubaker@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 16x2 Performance and Recording Digital Mixer

PreSonus has added a new member to its successful StudioLive family: the StudioLive 16.0.2 16x2 Performance and Recording Digital Mixer. While the unit has a footprint of less than 2 square feet, it manages to offer all sorts of features, including: 16 channels of audio in/out, FireWire-based recording, remote mixer control via PC / iPad, the ability to store and recall multiple scenes, and even a lockout mode (to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with the settings when you need to grab your post-sound-check coffee).

For more information on the PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 16x12 Performance and Recording Digital Mixer contact Luis Rivera at luis@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Electro-Voice's Live X Series Loudspeakers
Electro-Voice Live X Series Loudspeakers

Electro-Voice showed off their Live X Series Loudspeakers. Both powered and passive solutions are available, ranging from a 12-inch two-way cabinet, all the way up to an 18-inch subwoofer. Not only do these cabinets sound good, but they're also stylish, with a black grille, pole-mount, and ergonomic handles for easy transport to and from the gig.  Electro-Voice’s Live X Series Loudspeakers are a lightweight solution for the “working musician” and “mobile DJ.”

For more information on the Electro-Voice Live X Series Loudspeakers contact Satish Singh at satish@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

Shure InfoComm 11 Products Shure PSM1000 Series Wireless Monitoring Shure PSM1000 Series Wireless Monitoring System Shure VP89 Shotgun Microphones Shure PSM 1000 Series Wireless Monitoring System / VP89 Shotgun Microphone / UR5 Portable Wireless Receiver

Shure showed off many new items, including the PSM 1000 Series Wireless Monitoring System, their new VP89 Shotgun Microphone (with interchangeable capsules), and their new UR5 Portable Wireless Receiver.

For more information on the Shure PSM1000, VP89, and UR5 contact Mike Bogen at mikeb@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

For more information on the products at InfoComm 2011, contact Terry at terry@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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The House of Live Phish

House of Live Phish LogoThis past Fourth of July weekend, Dale Pro Audio, in collaboration with Phish, Avid, Apogee Electronics and Small Dog Electronics, came together to present “The House of Live Phish” during the Phish: Super Ball IX Music Festival in Watkins Glen, New York.

For those who are unfamiliar with Phish, they're an American band, hailing from Burlington, Vermont. They have been performing for more than 20 years, and have built up a large and dedicated following. They commonly blend multiple genres, and are known for their extended improvisations during live performances.House of Live Phish Action Shot

Phish: Super Ball IX was the latest of Phish’s music festivals, turning the campgrounds of Watkins Glen, New York into a sea of music enthusiasts, coming together for three days of music and community, all centered around the music of the band Phish.

What is a “House of Live Phish?” According to the event’s website, it was described as “an air-conditioned hi-tech chill-out pad” which contained the music of Phish, set up to be mixed in Avid Pro Tool 9 software, by the fans, and saved onto memory sticks for their subsequent enjoyment

Dale's own Dan Ross and Mike Straus were on site to set up The House of Live Phish. Working with the Phish staff, as well as Luke Smith from Avid, they quickly transformed the MacBook Pro laptops (provided by Small Dog Electronics) into professional digital audio workstations. In addition to the Avid Pro Tools 9 software, Euphonix MC Mix and Euphonix MC Control surfaces were provided, as well as Apogee One audio interfaces.

Fans had a great time, and made some incredible mixes! Phish played an amazing series of shows (getting more than 13 hours of stage time), and The House of Live Phish was a complete success! Our thanks go out to Phish, Avid, Apogee Electronics and Small Dog Electronics for working with us to create this experience for the fans.

For more information on the House of Live Phish event or Apogee and Avid products, contact Dan Ross at dan@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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Wohler Technologies In-Rack Audio and Video Monitoring

Wohler Company LogoFor the past 20 years, Wohler Technologies has been a world leader in providing in-rack audio and video monitoring solutions for the broadcast, motion picture, and professional audio/visual markets.

The San Francisco-based company was founded in 1983 by Will Wohler and in 1987.  With the development of the AMP-1, Wohler became the first company to offer a powered speaker system featuring full stereo sound in one rack unit. Through the introduction of the AMP-1A in-rack audio monitor to the broadcast industry in 1989, Wohler Technologies began providing television networks worldwide with audio monitoring solutions for space-critical environments.

Building on the success of the AMP-1A, Wohler Technologies continued to develop products that simplify analog and digital source monitoring in facilities of all sizes and complexity.

In 1997 the company introduced its video division, PANORAMAdtv, and began offering monitoring technology for video signals.

Throughout the past two decades, Wohler Technologies and PANORAMAdtv have continued to evolve with the needs of customers, providing audio and video monitoring systems for analog, AES/EBU, HD/SD-SDI, Dolby® Digital, and Dolby E. Leading the industry with its commitment to innovation, Wohler Technologies was the first to introduce monitoring solutions for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and Dolby signals.

Wohler's strong and dedicated focus on in-rack audio and video monitoring allows them to be first to recognize and respond to industry requirements for compact and convenient monitoring products. The worldwide broadcast industry turns to Wohler to provide standard or custom solutions to their audio & video monitoring needs. Wohler's latest innovations include a range of Dolby audio monitoring products, and a new line of LCD video monitors.

Always coupling innovation with quality, Wohler has combined 16 channels of simultaneous audio metering and management, with two large OLED screens, and fit it within a 2U, 19-inch rack unit. With Wohler's AMP2-16V-3G, it's possible to manage and analyze all your audio and video feeds from one compact, convenient, and easy to use workstation.
Wohler's AMP2-16V-3G

For more information on the AMP2-16V-3G, or any of Wohler's products, contact Tim Finnegan at tim@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

Sennheiser Company LogoIt's no surprise that Sennheiser makes great sounding headphones. They've been in business for more than 60 years, making various shapes and sizes of transducers. Their engineers have solutions for any and all types of projects, from broadcast, to studio, to casual listening.

Recently, we added the HD 800 headphones to the demonstration rooms in our New York City showroom. These headphones are not your typical "cans" to say the least. They're Sennheiser's highest quality reference-class headphones, and Dale Pro Audio is one of the only places where you can hear them!Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

It's hard to not fall in love with the gorgeous design of these headphones.  The pure aesthetic value of these headphones illustrates Sennheiser's understanding not only of function, but form as well.

Simply put, these headphones are a pleasure to look at, and would fit in with any studio design. The Sennheiser HD 800 headphones are hand-assembled in Germany, using some of the finest materials. The sound of the 56mm ring radiator driver leaves nothing to the imagination. The curved sonic wavefront simulates the spacial hearing experience, placing the listener in the "sweet spot" at all times. Wearing the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones is a listening experience so natural that one might forget that they are even wearing headphones.

Want to hear the Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones?  Visit our NYC Demo Room or call us at 888.462.7828 to schedule an appointment.

For more information on the HD 800 Headphones, or any of Sennheiser's products, contact Mike Straus at michaelstraus@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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Rupert Neve Designs: Portico II Channel Strip

Rupert Neve Designs Company Logo"For recording and mixing engineers, the greatest challenge will always be to capture and transform disparate 2-D elements into an engrossing 3-D vision that elicits the same raw emotions and compelling vibrance as the live performance." -Rupert Neve Designs

Winner of the 2010 Audio Pro International Award for Best New Studio Product, and based around the High Voltage and Discrete circuitry developed for the 5088 Mixer, the Portico II Channel stands as the pinnacle of Mr. Rupert Neve’s designs.

By combining the exceptionally pure, transformer coupled architecture of the 5088 with a revolutionary feature set including the new variable texture control, silk / silk + modes, 4-band EQ, tunable de-esser, compressor-limiter and outstanding preamplifier, the Portico II achieves both irreproachable sonics and unparalleled versatility.

The Portico II Channel Strip is a self-powered 2U channel module comprised of a fully- featured mic preamplifier, 4-band EQ, compressor-limiter, “texture” control and level metering, The Portico II Channel includes a bevy of new features including: Variable Silk / Silk+ Texture control, a fully tunable “de-esser”, multiple VCA filtering and detection options, a transient-optimized swept HPF and parallel compression blending. With its simple yet powerful topologies and extensive feature set, every element of the Portico II: Channel is geared towards empowering recording artists to realize these visions.Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Channel Strip

For more information on the Portico II Channel Strip, or on any of Rupert Neve Designs' products, contact David Prentice at davidp@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828

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Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitors

Neumann Company LogoFrom the makers of some of the world's finest microphones, comes the Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitor.

Neumann's KH 120 Active Studio Monitor is designed for use as a near-field loudspeaker or as a rear loudspeaker in larger multi-channel systems. The KH 120 A represents the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible. It has a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide (MMD), flexible acoustical controls, analog class-AB amplifiers, a large headroom analog input and an extensive mounting hardware range. All of this provides the user with the maximum versatility over a wide variety of acoustic conditions, source equipment, and physical locations.
Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitor
Winner of the 2010 PAR Excellence Award and nominated for the 2011 MIPA Award, the Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitor has, in the short time it's been on the market, proven that Neumann has invested the same amount of detail in their monitor line, that they have in their microphone line. The Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitor is the perfect choice for tracking, mixing, and mastering in music, broadcast, project, and post-production studios.

Want to hear the Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitors?  Visit our NYC Demo Room or call us at 888.462.7828 to schedule an appointment.

For more information on the Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitors, or any of Neumann's products, contact Alex Guerra at alex@daleproaudio.com or call 888.4628.

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Sennnheiser MKH 8060 and MKH 8070 Shotgun Microphones

Sennheiser Company LogoFor decades, Sennheiser shotgun microphones have been a leading choice for film, television and broadcast applications. Sennheiser redefines the standard with two new shotgun models: the MKH 8060 and MKH 8070 shotgun microphones.

The MKH 8060 is a versatile short shotgun, ideal for camera mounting and boom pole applications due to its compact size and light weight. The MKH 8070 is a long shotgun, ideal for broadcast and sporting applications requiring natural sound and high directivity to take viewers inside the action.

With the optional MZD 8000 digital mic module, the MKH 8060 and MKH 8070 become Sennheiser’s first shotgun microphones to integrate directly into digital environments.

Both shotgun models operate on the RF principle, which has been refined over 50 years to deliver stunning detail, extended frequency response and high resistance to adverse climatic conditions.
Sennheiser MKH 8060 and 8070
Incorporating the strengths of the classic MKH 416 and MKH 816 with the latest advances in shotgun design, the new MKH 8060 and MKH 8070 deliver an extremely pleasing, natural sound-suppressing off-axis sound with no coloration.

For more information on the MKH 8060 / 8070 Shotgun Microphones, or any of Sennheiser's products, contact Joe Prout at joe@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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