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IK Multimedia Total Savings Promotion

IK Multimedia Logo
While some companies are cutting back, IK Multimedia is giving you more bang for your buck with the newest incarnations of their Total Workstation and Total Studio bundles! Ever since the first of IK Multimedia’s Total Workstation and Total Studio bundle, they’ve always given a hefty discount for the combination of multiple software titles, conveniently packaged in one box, but with Total Workstation XL and Total Studio 3IK Multimedia’s truly given customers a reason to cheer:

IK Multimedia Total Savings PromotionTotal Workstation XL (5 critically acclaimed workstations, providing 43 GB professionally recorded samples and over 19,000 sounds covering every instrument and style from orchestral to rock, hip-hop to electronica) for only $199 (until October 31st)!

Total Studio 3 (5 critically acclaimed workstations, providing 43 GB professionally recorded samples and over 19,000 sounds covering every instrument and style from orchestral to rock, hip-hop to electronica, multiple guitar and bass tone shaping and effect plug-ins that cover all your composing, tracking, mixing and mastering needs) for only $249 (until October 31st)!

For more information on IK Multimedia, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec V2

Sonnox LogoMixes not sounding quite the same once encoded for mp3 or AAC?

Want to audition your mix for “Mastered for iTunes”, using Apple’s iTunes Plus codec?

Fed up with a time-consuming cycle of encoding your mix, previewing it, then going back to tweak the mix, then encoding again and repeating the whole process several times?

The new Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Plug-In is your solution.

This revolutionary plug-in will allow you to listen to audio being encoded and decoded with Fraunhofer codecs such as mp3 and AAC, now making it possible to produce download-ready mixes in real time!

The Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec can encode using multiple codecs simultaneously and includes extensive monitoring tools and built-in encoding / decoding features.

Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec V2Using this plug-in, mix engineers can produce compensated mixes optimised towards specific target codecs, thereby ensuring maximum fidelity. Similarly, mastering engineers can audition in the final format and produce compensated, optimised masters for final encoding and distribution.

Version 2 includes Apple’s iTunes Plus codec and 64-bit support.

The new Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec V2 is available today for $465!

Looking to purchase additional Sonnox plug-ins? Savings of up to 40% are available - contact us for details!

For more information on Sonnox, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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iZotope Nectar

iZotope Logo
iZotope Nectar
 makes your vocal and dialog recording sound professional. With a complete set of 11 vocal production effects combined in a single plug-in, Nectar treats your voice to immediate results.

Features include real-time and offline pitch correction with a manual note editor, breath control, gate, compression, saturation, EQ, de-esser, doubler, limiter, reverb, delay and tons of iZotope's award-winning Style presets.

iZotope Nectar
's Styles feature dozens of professionally-designed effects chains that let you rapidly audition your voice in a variety of settings and genres. Quickly get the 60s Motown sound, the early 90s grunge rock sound, a radio-ready podcasting sound, a subtle jazz vocal or a modern pop sound - everything from delicate improvements to highly-produced robotic pitch effects. Nectar also lets you dive under the hood and adjust extensive parameters if you're looking for more control.

Get started by selecting one of Nectar's Styles and tweaking high-level controls like Clarity, Warmth and Sparkle. From there, narrow in on the vocal sound you want or experiment with the advanced modules to create a new sound. Either way, Nectar is designed with both the beginner and professional in mind - you choose the level of detail you want to control.

iZotope Nectar - Get the perfect vocal sound today!

iZotope Nectar is currently available for only $199!

For more information on iZotope, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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Softube Plug-In Special

Softube LogoNew from Softube! Sick of your DAW's "default" plug-ins? Looking for something that injects that "magic" into your mix? Softube has the answer to your audio woes with a selection of plug-ins that have a special perk: When you purchase and register them between now and October 16th, you get a FREE FX plug-in (Spring Reverb, Tube Delay, or Acoustic Feedback)!

Softube Passive Active PackThe Passive Active Pack is a collection of three very different equalizers, each with its own character and quirks. The equalizers contain emulations of real workhorse equalizers, used on thousands of recordings from past to present.

The Passive Active Pack's Passive Equalizer is a three-band EQ with an unprecedented clear and open sound, a warm low end and sparkling top.

The Passive Active Pack's Active Equalizer is Passive's counterpart with three fully parametric bands and a tight and focused sound.

The Passive Active Pack's Focusing Equalizer is an untraditional take on the EQ concept where the low, mid and high bands move automatically and musically in relation to the high and low cut filters. It also features filters from the Passive and Active EQ's as well as an outstanding one-knob Saturation control.

Softube Trident A-RangeThe Trident A-Range plug-in from Softube is the first and only native and TDM plug-in that has been fully endorsed by original designer Malcolm Toft and Trident Audio. The plug-in is a model of a channel on one of the original 13 Trident A-Range consoles. Softube chose to model channel 15 from the console at Sweet Silence Studio 'B' in Denmark, producer Flemming Rasmussen's favorite channel for recording lead vocals. Flemming also used it for the solo and rhythm guitars on Metallica's "Ride The Lightning" and "Master of Puppets", and Ritchie Blackmore's guitar on the Rainbow albums "Difficult to Cure" and "Bent out of Shape."

The A-Range channel features four bands of equalization and high and low pass filters. The sound of the bands is often referred to as "colorful" and "musical." When running a hot enough signal through the original unit and boosting the bands, it is possible to get it to distort, the result is a hairy and effective saturation that is just right in some situations, and just wrong in others!

The Trident A-Range is a legendary piece of equipment. As only thirteen A-Range consoles were ever made, it remains a holy grail for sound engineers and producers around the world that hope to create works of art equal to those that were originally recorded on the A-Range — David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, Queen, Elton John, the list goes on...

Softube Tube Tech ME1BThe Softube Tube-Tech ME 1B is Tube-Tech's unique take on the classic Pultec MEQ-5 midrange equalizer. There's a lot of mojo going on in the Pultec designs, but the biggest mojo of it is that it is so well-designed that almost whatever setting you use, it will sound good.

Just like the PE 1C Pultec equalizer, the Tube-Tech ME 1B is a passive, tube-based equalizer. I was designed to accompany the PE 1C equalizer, and provide control over the frequencies that the PE 1C cannot adjust. On its own it's a great tool to shape the mid- range of any audio material, and together with the PE 1C it becomes a versatile and full featured equalizer.

The focus of the PE 1C, "program equalizer," is the shelving filters and the mid-range boost. It cannot attenuate the mids, and you don't have the ability to get bell shaped filter curves in the lows and highs. The Tube-Tech ME 1B solves all these drawbacks of the PE 1C by offering the user three bands of equalization: low frequency boost (200-1000Hz), an almost full range sweepable cut (200-7000Hz) and a high frequency boost (1.5-5kHz).

Softube Tube Tech PE1CThe Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C is a passive, tube-based equalizer suitable for many different sources ranging from bass drums and guitars to vocals.

The equalizer features a Low Frequency section made up of two low shelf filters which can be combined to attenuate and boost at the same time. These filters are actually bit apart in frequency even if they are controlled by the same frequency selector. The High Frequency section has a peak and shelving filter working in parallel, which provides a smooth top end while not getting too bright.

The ability to combine the different filters and sections is what gives the Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C its characteristic sound and is something which plays a crucial part in explaining the classic Pultec sound. The Tube-Tech PE 1C plug-in by Softube captures every nuance of the hardware version. It has an extremely analog sound that is evident as soon as you start using it. Every aspect of this studio standard, 25 years in the making, is now finally available as a plug-in.

The Softube Passive Active Pack is currently available for only $149.99!
The Softube Trident A-Range is currently available for only $199.99!
The Softube Tube-Tech ME 1B is currently available for only $149.99!
The Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C is currently available for only $199.99!

Special Offer! - When you purchase and register these plug-ins between now and October 16th, you get a FREE FX plug-in (Spring Reverb, Tube Delay, or Acoustic Feedback)!

For more information on Softube, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer

Waves LogoWhat would you do if you had the ability to instantly add the character of three legendary consoles to your Digital Audio Workstation?

Waves, together with three of today's top producer / engineers, is proud to present the NLS Non-Linear Summer: Three legendary consoles – in one powerful plugin.

Waves NLSWhether you choose the sound of the "magical" solid state console belonging to Mark ´Spike´ Stent (Björk, Muse, Maroon 5, Madonna), the classic console owned by Mike Hedges (The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dido, Faithless, Manic Street Preachers, U2), heard on such timeless recordings as Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, or the vintage British console customized for Yoad Nevo (Bryan Adams, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes, Goldfrapp, Air), you can't go wrong!

Waves modeled over 100 individual channels in all, capturing the unique color, character, and behavior of each and every input and summing bus amp.

Waves NLS delivers the richness, depth, and harmonic complexity that only analog gear could deliver – until now.

Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer (Native) is available for only $149!

For more information on Waves, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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