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Rolls RM83t 8-Channel Transformer Microphone Mixer

Rolls LogoThe Rolls RM83t ($252) is an eight channel mixer in a single rack space intended for a variety of sound reinforcement applications including board rooms, churches, mixing console expansion etc. Virtually any application where up to eight microphones need to be mixed together, and space is limited, is met by the RM83t.

Each of the RM83t's eight channels has a transformer balanced XLR microphone input, as well as a 1/4" unbalanced input. The 1/4" jacks may be internally reconfigured to become channel Inserts or Direct Outputs. Inserts provide a way to get each individual channel signal in and out of the RM83t mainly for processing purposes. A Direct Output is simply taking the signal from the channel only.

Rolls RM83T Each channel has individually switchable +48 VDC phantom power. The RCA Prefade (pre Master Level) Output may be connected to the RCA Aux Buss Input for cascading two RM83t units together. This Output may also be used for recording purposes, and the Aux Buss Input. The Main output for the RM83t is a balanced male XLR jack. This output has a switch for Line or Mic level output.

For more information on Rolls, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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JK Audio RemoteMix 3.5 and Interloop

JK Audio LogoWe're featuring two great products from JK Audio this month - the RemoteMix 3.5 Broadcast Field Mixer and the Interloop Wired / Wireless Intercom Beltpack!

JK Audio RemoteMix 3.5The RemoteMix 3.5 by JK Audio, is a three-channel field mixer and headphone amplifier. More than just a field mixer, this is a universal communications interface. RemoteMix 3.5 ($997.50) features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and both wired and wireless cell phone interfaces. These parts were designed to work together, saving setup time in the field.

Radio - RemoteMix 3.5 is perfect for sports remotes. Use it as a phone line hybrid, calling into your studio talk show hybrid. Use it as a front-end mixer for your POTS, ISDN, IP or smart phone codec.

TV – RemoteMix 3.5 gives you the ultimate phone connectivity with three ¼” IFB headphone feeds. Send and receive interview audio, and pull IFB out of any business phone system, even your cell phone or notebook.

RemoteMix 3.5 will also route audio through cell phones or notebooks using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. The Bluetooth interface will connect in hands free mode allowing a two way 3.4 kHz telecom bandwidth connection. The Bluetooth interface can also connect in wireless headphone offering a 20 kHz audio bandwidth, listen-only connection.

Next, JK Audio combines Bluetooth Wireless Technology with Two-Wire Intercom systems in a rugged new belt pack design - The JK Audio Interloop!

JK Audio InterloopInterloop ($399) was awarded the TV Technology Magazine 2012 Mario Award, and works with industry standard Two-Wire, Party-Line intercoms, connecting to the existing intercom system like any other belt pack. Using Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Interloop allows wireless connection to a variety of audio devices. A rear panel switch selects Headset or Phone connection. Headset mode allows you to connect to a Bluetooth enabled headset for wireless freedom. Phone mode allows you to connect to a wireless phone to let others join in, or connect to a notebook or laptop to provide remote voice access using communications applications such as Skype.

While Interloop will work with any Bluetooth enabled headset, most headsets were designed to work a short distance from the phone.   JK Audio BSET-HS1 Bluetooth Headset ($170.05) offers increased range and performance making it the perfect match.

For more information on JK Audio, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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Whirlwind MD-1 Mic to Line Driver and PA-1 Headphone Monitor

Whirlwind LogoWe have two great pieces from Whirlwind - The MD-1 Mic to Line Driver / Headphone Monitor and the PA-1 Personal Headphone Monitor!

Whirlwind MD-1The industry's standard for parabolic, boom, and interview mic applications, the Whirlwind MD-1 ($307) is the ideal mic preamp for those who demand studio quality in a rugged, battery operated package. A broadcast quality mic preamp performs alongside a high-performance input transformer to feed the MD-1 high-current line driver and headphone monitor amp.

An input pad and level control let you adjust for almost any mic or line level signal (up to 60dB of gain), or pass the unprocessed signal to the output (loop thru) while monitoring it with headphones.

Whirlwind PA-1The Whirlwind PA-1  ($197) is a high output, low distortion, portable monitoring device suitable for critical listening in any professional audio environment. The PA-1 accepts either balanced or unbalanced stereo, line level signals through parallel XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs.

A switch changes the input connector configuration from separate balanced inputs to combination unbalanced for accepting signals from sources such as headphone jack outputs. The PA-1 is powered by two 9 volt batteries that load into easy access drawers or with included external PS24 AC power supply.

For more information on Whirlwind, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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SoundTools XLR Sniffer / Sender

SoundTools LogoThe SoundTools XLR Sniffer / Sender Cable Tester ($45 and formerly known as "The Rat Pack") is composed of two small pieces, the Sniffer and the Sender.

SoundTools XLR Sniffer / Sender Cable TesterThe Sniffer works on either phantom power alone or power supplied by the Sender. The Sniffer shows the cable is good or has faults via three two-color green and red LEDs. The Sender is battery powered and only supplies power when hooked to the Sniffer insuring long battery life.

Dave Rat designed the "Rat Pack" while he was working sound for Rage Against the Machine.  After a bad channel on a snake resulted in a delayed start to a show, Dave brainstormed and came up with the "Rat Pack"   Dave explains some of the history behind the XLR Sniffer/Sender at this link

For more information on SoundTools, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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RCF Art 3 Series MKIII Loudspeakers

RCF LogoThe RCF Team always has the performer’s needs at the forefront of the design in order to create new lines of speakers with renewed features, improved sound clarity and definition, and even lighter weight systems.

The latest iconic design is the Art 3 Series MK III: an evolution in the active loudspeaker technology with a revolutionary design and sound. Every detail of the 3 Series MK III has been carefully studied in order to offer musicians and professionals the perfect tool to amplify their performance, night after night.

High quality materials, precise manufacturing, careful assembly and extensive quality control procedures complete the groundbreaking design work of the RCF R&D team.

All the transducers in the Art 3 Series MK III speakers feature high power ferrite magnets in order to guarantee better performance and make for easier transportation.

All Compression drivers and Transducers are precision built taking advantage of RCF’s superior moulding, assembly technologies and a wealth of professional knowledge and experience dedicated to achieving extremely high standards.

All Art 3 Series MK III two-way speakers are equipped with a new generation of 400 Watt digital amplifiers: 300 Watts for the woofers and 100 Watts for the compression drivers. This results in very high output, extremely low distortion and an incredible natural sound.

Each amplifier presents both XLR / jack balanced inputs, XLR output link, mic / line switch, volume and a switchable EQ Mode (Flat / Boost). The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation but also assists in the heat dissipation.

All the Art 3 Series MK III amplifiers present a SMPS power supply section in order to produce maximum output and minimum transportation weight.

The new loudspeaker design looks aggressive while retaining familiar Art ergonomics which is the result of extensive combined functional and acoustic research (are they kidding?).

RCF Art 3 Series MK IIIThe Art 3 Series MK III two-way system cabinets are moulded in a special polypropylene composite material and are designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings. The reflex porting has been resized to offer a better efficiency. The ART 310-A MK III is equipped with a top handle for greater portability; the bigger models have 3 ergonomically designed handles, 2 on the sides and one at the top. At the bottom a rugged steel pole mount has been installed in all models.

The new cabinet shape will allow every Art 3 Series MK III model to be used in the standard configuration as well as in stage monitor mode.

M10 threaded inserts is provided for optional mounting hardware in Installed Sound Applications.

The RCF Art 310-A MK III is currently available for $545
The RCF Art 312-A MK III is currently available for $599
The RCF Art 315-A MK III is currently available for $655

For more information on RCF, please contact us at info@daleproaudio.com or call 888.462.7828.

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